Alexis Ffrench Album Recordings!

It was amazing to be part of the brand new Alexis Ffrench Album yesterday and today!  We were with the mighty Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra at The Friary in Liverpool and were conducted by the fantastic Ben Palmer. The music is so lovely and so is Alexis!  Despite his hugely successful career so far, Alexis is very personable and humble.  It was so nice to chat to him after the sessions.

Ffrench’s music has more than 500 million streams and both albums Evolution (2018) and Dreamland (2020) reached No. 1 in the Classical Music Charts. The new album is sure to achieve the same success, and deservedly so.  Have a listen to a couple of the tracks featured in Dreamland and to the gorgeous Liverpool Philharmonic strings.

We’ve worked with Ben Palmer a lot these last 12 months! Another lovely guy by the way

The brand new album is going to be amazing and we can’t wait to hear the finished tracks and to find out the name of the new album. Ffrench Dreamland

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