Amy & Reiss’ Wedding in Shropshire

Isn’t Hawkestone Hall just stunning? Have a look at our photos below.  It has a beautiful chapel, with amazing acoustics, which was just perfect for Amy and Reiss’ ceremony.  After that, we all moved through to the garden room, where the acoustics were nearly as good.  Finally we played until their line-up finished.  It was lovely to meet Dawn finally, Amy’s Mum, who booked us as we’d had a lot of email communication.

Need help choosing your entrance music? 

We can help!  All we need to know is a rough idea of what style you’d like and we can offer suggestions.

Amy and Reiss had chosen the original version of “A Thousand Years” for their entrance music but there was a minor hiccup.  The sound system failed!  Within a few seconds, and while we have this piece of music, I quietly went to ask Reiss if he’d like us to play it instead.  We were about to start playing it when the recording finally started!  Oh the suspense!

For your peace of mind, we always have a backup plan when recorded music is involved as you can never quite trust technology!  That’s the beauty of live music of course.  When it comes to entrance music especially, we are extremely experienced at timing it to perfection.

The average entrance music is 40 seconds, which may be less than you’re expecting. This depends on the size of the room and how many bridesmaids you have of course!  We always work out the best place to start, if no preference has been made, and plan where to loop back to if need be.  Once the bride and bridesmaids are in position, we continue playing for a few seconds to really set the mood.

Thanks so much for booking us, Dawn and thank you to Hawkstone Hall for having us!  Take a look at their site:


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“Bridgewater string quartet are a must have for any wedding!
They are so easy to deal with and can turn their beautiful music to any song.
They added to the magic of our daughters wedding – as background music we saw guests humming along to well known songs and, they were ready to fill in the silence when the bridal entrance music failed to start on time.
Totally recommend these amazing musicians for any event as they can adapt to all events big and small
Thank you making our daughters wedding even more special !”