Burns Night Performance at Brainkind

Did you know that we do charitable work as well as weddings and events?  A Burns Night Performance at Brainkind on 25th January will take place for the lovely residents in Fulwood (formerly ‘Sue Ryder’).  We have been invited back for the third year in a row which we’re delighted about.  It’s safe to say that it’s an extremely rewarding experience.

The residents are encouraged to choose what they’d like to be played It’s so great to hear from Mark, who’s in charge, how enthusiastic they are about the choosing process   It’s really important to them and we know and that they really look forward to it.  Everybody feels included because we introduce the music and each song is dedicated by name on the day.  It’s incredible and humbling to witness the residents’ engagement and mood significantly improving throughout the performance.  There is much singing and clapping along by the end!  It’s such a joy! We look forward to seeing you very soon