Danny Elfman Recordings with RLPO!

We were involved in the Danny Elfman Recordings with RLPO recently.  It was an  honour and pleasure to chat to this lovely guy on Friday morning.  That was just before the second of two days recording three of his new composition with the RLPO. One of the most prolific and celebrated film and television composers of all time, and more recently a classical composer, Emmy award-winning Danny Elfman is a humble, lovely and down-to-earth guy.  His catalogue of music is quite extraordinary.

I expressed my surprise that he was actually at the Philharmonic Hall.  His response surprised me because apparently he’s not missed a single recording session, in person in 38 years! Danny went on to explain that he aims to write one classical composition every year, and is on track after eight years which is very impressive.

Danny stood in front of the orchestra on several occasions to thank us because e was genuinely appreciative.  He was a complete gentleman throughout the recording process making the whole experience a complete joy.

Do look out for these fabulous and engaging latest works:

Percussion Concerto, with the multi award-winning soloist Colin Currie

“Wunderkammer” and

“Are you Lost?”

Thanks so much for chatting to me Danny as it’s something I’ll never forget.