Last Videos from the Spring Ball

Performing Ariana Grande’s “thank u, next” with a string trio was exhilarating. We aimed to infuse the pop hit with classical sophistication, staying true to its essence.

Arranging “thank u, next” for strings allowed creative exploration. We deconstructed the original arrangement, reinterpreting it with violin, viola, and cello. Each instrument captured the song’s emotional depth.

On stage, the energy was electric. Our rendition resonated with the audience, blending familiar melodies with a new twist. Through bow strokes and harmonies, we guided listeners through heartbreak and self-discovery.

The highlight was the anthemic chorus. Strings soared, echoing Grande’s message of resilience. The fusion of classical and modern captivated all.

As the final notes lingered, applause filled the room—a testament to music’s power. Performing “thank u, next” celebrated versatility and the transformative nature of music.

Our performance wasn’t just about entertainment; it was about connection. Through our music, we bridged genres and emotions, inviting listeners to experience a familiar song in a fresh way.

In conclusion, our rendition of “thank u, next” was a testament to the universal language of music. It united us with our audience, reminding us of the profound impact music can have on our lives.

We hope you enjoy our last videos from the Spring Ball!


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